Julie Danforth Dewey

Julie Ann Marie Danforth (Dewey) grew up in Little Axe, OK and is the oldest amongst her siblings. She is the outdoors type who would almost always rather be fishing if not creating art. Her favorite subjects tend to be nature and fantasy. "Jewels" was her nickname growing up and it has stuck with her all of her life. She was the curious tomboy who liked to play in the dirt but also had many talents including singing, dancing, playing guitar and acting. She played basketball in high school and has the bad knees to prove it.

Jewels went to USAO in the Fall of 1998 where met Dennis at the university. They became friends because they were both known as the greatest artists from their respective communities. Dennis kept his distance though due to the fact that Julie was already spoken for by her high school sweetheart.

Like Dennis, Jewels left college prematurely for her own reasons. She worked odd jobs in the service industry to make ends meet whenever her first husband would fall on hard times. Whenever she wasn't working, she would play medieval role-playing games on Budz Network and became known in that little group as "Lady Death". Julie has aspirations to become a tattoo artist and has worked as an assistant for a local tattoo shop. She delivered pizza for various pizza chains and has even been a bank teller at a casino.

She returned to USAO in 2010 after reconnecting with Dennis and helped to convince him to come back to school with her. Now she lives in Norman, OK raising her three boys (Maxx, Adam and Danny). She is known on the block where she lives as the cool mom because the kids love her down-to-earth nature and the fact that she'll actually pay attention to them. Julie worked as a disability aid/substitute teacher at a head start program in Chickasha and has the qualifications to train students both young and old in either art in general or specifically at painting.

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